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The Global Gender Gap Index 2018. Measuring the Global Gender Gap. Results and Analysis. Performance by Subindex. Progress over Time. Performance by Region and Country. Top Ten. East Asia and the Pacific. Eastern Europe and Central Asia This is according to the Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2018, published today. According to the report, the world has closed 68% of its gender gap, as measured across four key pillars: economic opportunity; political empowerment; educational attainment; and health and survival The 2018 report's key findings include: Globally, the average (population-weighted) distance completed to parity is at 68.0%, which is a marginal improvement over last year. In other words, to date there is still a 32.0% average gender gap that remains to be closed. The directionally positive average trend registered this year is supported by improvements in 89 of the 144 countries covered both this year and last year According to Willis Towers Watson, the average mean hourly gender pay gap in all industries across the 1,739 UK organisations who have disclosed as of 8th March, 2018, is 12.4%; the average mean gender bonus gap is 16.2% The Global Gender Gap Index 2018. The Global Gender Gap Index was first introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006 as a framework for capturing the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress over time. The Index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, education, health and political criteria, and provides country.

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In addition to Israel, which maintains a remaining overall gender gap of 28%, the region's best-performing countries this year are Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, having closed 65%, 64% and 63%, respectively, of their overall gender gaps. The lower end of the regional table is made up of Syria, Iraq and Yemen, which have closed 57%, 55% and 50% of their overall gender gaps, respectively World Economic Forum - Hom Der Global Gender Gap Report ist ein vom Weltwirtschaftsforum (World Economic Forum) seit 2006 jährlich erstellter umfangreicher wissenschaftlicher Bericht, der in mittlerweile 153 Ländern den Gender-Gap (Lücke, Kluft) in der Gleichstellung der Geschlechter analysiert The 2018/19 edition analyses the gender pay gap. The report focuses on two main challenges: how to find the most useful means for measurement, and how to break down the gender pay gap in ways that best inform policy-makers and social partners of the factors that underlie it. The report also includes a review of key policy issues regarding wages and the reduction of gender pay gaps in different national circumstances Allerdings stellt der diesjährige Global Gender Gap Report auch fest, dass sich der Stand der Gleichberechtigung insgesamt auf der Welt leicht verschlechtert hat. So ist die Kluft zwischen Männern..

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Es gibt Fortschritte, ja. Aber gleichberechtigt sind Männer und Frauen weltweit erst in 99,5 Jahren - sagt der neue Global Gender Gap Report. Die Ergebnisse Bei einem aktuellen Gender Care Gap von 52,4 Prozent üben Frauen demnach ungefähr gut 50 Prozent mehr unbezahlte Sorgearbeit aus als Männer, das heißt das Anderthalbfache. In absoluten Zahlen ausgedrückt sind das täglich im Durchschnitt 87 Minuten mehr, die Frauen beispielsweise für den Haushalt oder die Versorgung eines Menschen aufbringen The World Economic Forum publishes a comprehensive series of reports which examine in detail the broad range of global issues it seeks to address with stakeholders as part of its mission of improving the state of the world. Besides reports on its key events and standalone publications such as the Global Competitiveness Report, the Global Risks Report and the Global Gender Gap Report, the Forum produces landmark titles covering the environment, education, individual industries and technologies The Global Wage Report 2018 offers a more accurate way of calculating the gender pay gap. We call this the factor weighted gender pay gap. Compared to traditional ways of estimating the gender pay gap, the factor weighted pay gap finds that in more than 70 per cent of the countries covered in the report, the gap has been underestimated

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  1. The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests
  2. In the most recent Global Gender Gap Report announced by the World Economic Forum on December 17, 2019, Japan ranked 121st out of 153 countries. Last year in 2018, Japan was at 110th, so this is a.
  3. Global Gender Gap Report 2020. Download PDF. None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children. That's the sobering finding of the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which reveals that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years
  4. Since the WEF's first Global Gender Gap report in 2006, the change hasn't been tremendous. The world is only 3.6% more equal in 2018 than it was 12 years ago; the gap was reduced by just 0.03% in..
  5. Since 2006, the overall gender gap has reduced by 3.6% - but in 2018, there was only a 0.03% reduction, revealing extremely slow progress. But the general direction of travel is positive: of the 144 countries that were covered in 2017 and 2018, 89 have at least marginally closed their gender gap and 55 have regressed
  6. es the state of gender parity in the world of work. This year, the report found that while the global gender gap has n... From glass ceiling to glass cliff: women are not a leadership quick-fix What do you need to innovate in the Transformative Age
  7. The $15 billion estimate assumes that the gender gap in mobile ownership and mobile internet use would be closed during 2018, and represents the subsequent 12-month incremental revenue opportunity. 1

The Global Gender Gap Report 2018 Standard chartered gender pay gap report 2018 The gender pay gap service uses cookies that are essential for the website to work. We also use unnecessary cookies to help us improve our digital government services. Any data collected is anonymity. There have been some significant changes to the implementation of gender pay gap reporting regulations for the 2019/20 reporting year (using a snap. Xerox Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 3 Culture and Commitment Xerox has a history of being a leader in diversity and inclusion (D&I). More than a half-century ago, Joseph C. Wilson, our founder and first CEO, had the foresight to take bold actions early on to make D&I an integral part of our value system..

Gender Pay Gap - Report 2018 Pay quartiles The pay quartiles are calculated by sorting the entire population of employees from highest to lowest hourly pay rate and dividing that list into four equal parts. We then work out the percentage of men and women in each quartile. Q1 50% 50% 57% Highest pay rate Q2 43% Q3 65% 35% 74% Female Male Q4 26% Gender pay gap in hourly pay Our gender pay gap. GENDER PAY GAP REPORTING REQUIREMENTS we are committed to closing our gender pay gap and we are taking action to make this happen. The data used in this report to calculate the University's gender pay gap comes from a snapshot of employee data taken on the census date of 31st March 2018. On this date, there were 5,194 employees: 54.5% female employees and 45.5% male employees. At the. GENDER PAY GAP REPORT 2018. FOREWORD NSG Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems in three major sectors; Architectural, Automotive and Technical Glass. Our management philosophy values the health and safety of our employees above all other considerations and we aim to provide a working environment that allows our people to reach their full potential.

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees Verify Your Information We temporarily store your details to verify your part-exchange appraisal, we will only market you additional offers if requested

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  1. Der vierte Gender-Report über die Geschlechter(un)gerechtigkeit an nordrhein-westfälischen Hochschulen ist Anfang Dezember 2019 erschienen. Den Schwerpunkt bildet eine aktuelle Studie zum Gender Pay Gap: Gibt es an den Hochschulen in NRW systematische Gehaltsunterschiede zwischen Frauen und Männern? Diese Frage wird für Professor_innen detailliert untersucht, vor allem mit Blick auf die Leistungsbezüge in der W-Besoldung. Analysiert werden auch Entgeltungleichheiten bei Mitarbeiter.
  2. s in the UK Diversity and inclusion have been a part of Cum
  3. Publisher(s) World Economic Forumn (WEF) Users Rating: (From 0 Users) Year 2018 Language(s) English Scope International / Global Type of Resource Report Accessible a
  4. World economic forum (WEF) 2018 Global gender gap report: Since 2006, World Economic Forum is publishing a report on global gender gap every year. Last year's report created a ripple across the Globe as for the first time since it was introduced, Global Gender Gap index showed a reversal in phase. This year the report benchmarks 149 countries on their progress towards gender parity on a.
  5. Die wirtschaftliche Schere zwischen den Geschlechtern schließt sich immer noch viel zu langsam, zeigt der Global Gender Gap Report des Weltwirtschaftsforums. Auch in Deutschland besteht noch viel Aufholbedarf. Bei der wirtschaftlichen Gleichstellung von Frauen ist Deutschland im weltweiten Ländervergleich noch immer im Hintertreffen
  6. Gender Pay Gap laut Report in Deutschland besonders hoch Deutschland kommt beim Indikator für Lohngleichheit bei vergleichbarer Arbeit besonders schlecht weg: Platz 97 von 156 Ländern. Die Lücke betrage hier 38,6 Prozent. Das durchschnittliche Einkommen von Frauen sei in Deutschland rund 30,2 Prozent niedriger als das von Männern
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Global research on the gender gap and the case for greater diversity in the workplace. Report Women at work in the Middle East. March 8, 2020 - Job opportunities in the Middle East are set to double with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. New research lays out how that will... Commentary - McKinsey Quarterly Confronting the early-career gender gap. January 9, 2020 - To achieve workforce. Der Global Gender Gap Report ist ein vom Weltwirtschaftsforum seit 2006 jährlich erstellter umfangreicher wissenschaftlicher Bericht, der in mittlerweile 153 Ländern den Gender Gap in der Gleichstellung der Geschlechter analysiert. Der Report ist in die vier Bereiche Wirtschaft, Bildung, Gesundheit und Politik untergliedert und ordnet dabei die Staaten jeweils nach Rang. Auch werden die. Gender Pay Gap Report - 2018 Executive Summary SCRA is required under The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 to publish our gender pay gap annually , and to ensure that the design and operation of our pay system is not biased. All staff, including Modern Apprent ices, the Principal Reporter/Chief Executive, part - time, full-time and fixed term.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018. We remain confident that members of the BU community are paid the same for doing the same work from our most recent equal pay review. Whilst we still have an uneven distribution of men and women across the pay and grading structure, we are pleased to see that the gender pay gap at BU has started to decrease, in line with our KPIs that underpin our strategic plan. The annual UN Environment Emissions Gap Report presents an assessment of current national mitigation efforts and the ambitions countries have presented in their Nationally Determined Contributions, which form the foundation of the Paris Agreement. What's new in this year's report? Update on global emissions This year, the Emissions Gap Report includes an assessment of the emissions associated with the Nationally Determined Contributions and current policies of each of the G20. Cerner UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2018. Since 5 April 2017, any UK company employing more than 250 employees has been required to publish their gender pay gap data. This is Cerner's second year of reporting this information. At Cerner, we believe in job opportunities for everyone,regardless of gender. We want a diverse and balanced workforce that reflects the customers and communities we. According to the Global Gender Gap 2018, Australia ranks 73 for wage equality for similar work. The WEF report presents a conundrum. Australians like to think we're a whole lot more advanced on gender equality than we actually are. But the evidence is in The Global Gender Gap Report benchmarks 149 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. In addition, this year's edition studies skills gender gaps related to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Der Global Gender Gap Report ist ein vom Weltwirtschaftsforum (World Economic Forum) seit 2006 jährlich erstellter umfangreicher wissenschaftlicher Bericht, der in mittlerweile 153 Ländern den Gender-Gap (Lücke, Kluft) in der Gleichstellung der Geschlechter analysiert. Der Report ist in die vier Bereiche Wirtschaft, Bildung, Gesundheit und Politik untergliedert und ordnet dabei die. SMC Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 Published 05 April 2019. The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2018. Under new legislation that came into force in April 2017 covering UK employers with more than 250 employees we are this week publishing data regarding Gender Pay Gap information Gender parity is fundamental to whether and how economies and societies thrive. Ensuring the full development and appropriate deployment of half of the world's total talent pool has a vast bearing on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies and businesses worldwide. The Global Gender Gap Report benchmarks 149 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four.

The 'gender pay gap' is the difference in average earnings between women and men. Employers with more than 250 staff must report their organisation's gender pay gap. How to report your gender pay gap Find out about gender pay gap reporting on GOV.UK, including Pay Gap Report Snapshot Date - 31st March 2018. Our Gender Pay Gap Report Careers Wales has a well-defined salary grading structure coupled with open and fair promotion which is available to all. We proactively encourage staff to consider work life balance by providing varied options for flexible working. This ensures that there is fairness, inclusion and equal opportunity for all our.

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report We welcomed the introduction of gender pay gap reporting in 2017. The first year of reporting by large employers has created far greater awareness of the gender imbalance at senior levels in many companies, in particular within the financial services industry. Richard Buxton, Group Human Resources Director Our latest pay gap figures show slight improvement. However. In our first gender pay gap report in April 2018 we committed to tackling head-on the gender imbalance within our business and the sector as a whole. This remains fundamental to our philosophy and is a key focus within our strategy. We are delighted to have made significant progress on the initiatives we committed to in April 2018. Attract and retain female talent Gender-balanced appointment. Der seit 2006 jährlich vom Weltwirtschaftsforum herausgegebene Global Gender Gap Report analysiert wirtschaftliche Chancen, Zugang zu Bildung, politische Mitgestaltungsmöglichkeiten und Gesundheit in 149 Ländern. Erschreckendes Ergebnis 2018: Wenn wir in diesem Tempo mit der Gleichberechtigung weitermachen, brauchen wir weitere 108 Jahre, damit die Kluft zwischen Mann und Frau. According to the ONS, in 2018 the gender pay gap for full-time employees between the ages of 18 and 39 years was close to zero but began to widen for people over the age of 40. When both full and.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018. At Dee Set we are proud of our fairness and equality and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all of our colleagues. As such we are pleased to publish the below gender pay gap report for 2018. The below table shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap as of 5 th April 2018 the snap shot date. Mean: Median: Hourly Rate of Pay: 26.93%: 6.23% . The. Our 2018 gender pay gap results In the U.K., Publicis Sapient's mean gender pay gap for 2018 is 27.4% and the median gender pay gap is 24.6%. The following has been calculated using the government guideline calculations to determine our gender pay gap for 2018

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  1. GSMA CONNECTED WOMEN - THE MOBILE GENDER GAP REPORT 2018 GSMA CONNECTED WOMEN - THE MOBILE GENDER GAP REPORT 2018 The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as.
  2. UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 REF. NO HR00002: ISSUE DATE: 2nd April 2019. Eng Wide Contents • Introduction • Why equal pay and the gender pay gap are not the same • Our results -based on hourly rates • Our results - bonus • Our results -quartiles • Our actions • Declaration It has been one year since we released our first gender pay gap report. At Lantmännen Unibake UK we.
  3. THE GLOBAL GENDER GAP REPORT 2018 February 13, 2019. The The Global Gender Gap Report 2018 is published by World Economic Forum and can be found in the Publications of the Nepal in Data Portal.The information contained in this publication can be accessed via the Data Tab of the Nepal in Data Portal by selecting the section Social & Human Development

The gender employment gap stood at 11.7% in 2019, with 67.3 % of women across the EU being employed compared to 79% of men (EU27 data). The gender pay gap in the EU stands at 14.1% and has only changed minimally over the last decade Gender Pay Gap Report 2018. Protecting and advancing the principles of justice. 1. Contents. 1. Background 2 2. Analysis 4 2.1 Context 4 2.2 Ordinary Pay 4 2.3 Bonus Pay 5 2.4 Hourly Pay Quartiles 6 3. Actions 7 4. Calculations 9 5. Declaration 10. 2. 1. Background. In 2017, the Government introduced world-leading legislation that made it statutory for organisations with 250 or more employees. We filed our 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report on 21 March 2018, just two weeks before the 'snapshot' date for reporting 2018. For this reason, most of the actions we have taken to address our gender pay gap are not reflected in the 2018 report. Their impact will be seen in the 2019 report. Hachette UK Ltd and the Hachette UK Group in context: Hachette UK consists of a number of employment. The Global Gender Gap Report is a from the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) extensive since 2006 created an annual scientific report, which in the meantime 153 countries the gender gap ( gap, gap) in the gender equality analyzed. The report is subdivided into the four areas of economy, education, health and politics and ranks the states according to rank

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3 | Mondelēz International: UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 MeaSUrInG tHe GaP Gender pay reporting is an opportunity for us to look closely at the reasons behind our pay gap. In order to fully understand why our gender pay gap exists, it is important to recognise how the gap is calculated and the structure of our business in the UK Il Global Gender Gap Report, introdotto dal World Economic Forum nel 2006, fornisce un quadro che mostra lampiezza e la portata della divario di genere in tutto il mondo. Per ogni nazione lindice fissa uno standard del divario di genere basandosi su criteri economici, politici, educazione e salute, e fornisce una classifica dei paesi, permettendo un confronto efficace sia tra regioni che. Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 Our gender pay gap report is set out below in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. We confirm the data reported is accurate. Having analysed our gender pay gap figures, our mean and median figures continue to be lower than the average mean and median figures for the legal sector and within each quartile the gaps are. While Sumo's gender pay gap results for 2018 are a slight improvement on the previous year, we recognize there is much more we need to do. We are investing in quantifiable, sustainable initiatives designed to have a positive impact on reducing the gap in the coming years. I confirm that the gender pay gap data in this report is accurate. Paul. P2 WMUK 2018 GENDER PAY REPORT Overview Under new legislation, UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish their gender pay gap. The data Warner Music UK (WMUK) shares here recognises the required snapshot date of 5th April 2017. We support the transparency of the annual reporting requirement and, to that end, have also voluntarily included data from January 2018. Our.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 recognise the importance of the Gender Pay Gap reporting in achieving gender equality in the workplace and fair pay. Here is the key information we wanted to share with you... Sweaty Betty is made up of 99% female and 1% male employees. As a female-founded business, we have found that mostly women have been attracted to our Purpose, brand and products. Resulting. Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 Claire's European Services Ltd Page | 2 At CESL all employees at or above Manager, Associate Buyer or Associate Merchandiser levels are eligible for an annual incentive under the wider group Annual Incentive Plan. Bonus awards are subject to the achievement of global financial targets. Only Buying and Merchandising roles have additional individual financial and. 2018 GENDER PAY GAP REPORT Collins Aerospace (B/E Aerospace U.K. Ltd.) Collins Aerospace, a unit of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defence industry. Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers' toughest challenges and to meet the. Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 Claire's Accessories UK Ltd ('CAUK' - Stores / Field) Claire's Accessories UK employs over 2,000 employees in various field operations roles, ranging from Sales Assistants to Territory Vice President. 98% of our current population are women and 97% is based in our stores. 65% of the field employees hold Sales Assistant and Key Holder positions. Salary levels for.

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Policy Pages Download our Gender Pay Gap reports below: Gender Pay Gap Reporting April 2020 Gender Pay Gap Reporting April 2019 Gender Pay Gap Reporting April 2018 The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2018 . 2018 — De Oliver Rowntree. Download the publication file . This report reveals for the first time the magnitude of the gender gap in mobile internet use across low- and middle-income countries, as well as highlighting the persistent gender disparity in mobile ownership and the barriers to ownership and use. Findings from this report are based on the. Amin Ahmed Published December 19, 2018 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is the second worst country in the world in terms of gender parity, ranking 148 out of 149 countries in the 'Global Gender Gap Index 2018'.. Download the latest Gender Development Index Data View the GDI Frequently Asked Questions. The GDI measures gender gaps in human development achievements by accounting for disparities between women and men in three basic dimensions of human development—health, knowledge and living standards using the same component indicators as in the HDI Gender Pay Gap Report 2018. Our Gender Pay Report 2018 - How we're doing EAT. is a Chef led Grab and Go Business and we've been creating, making and serving our own great tasting seasonal recipes for over 20 years'. In April 2018, EAT. had 105 shops and 1426 employees in the UK. Our Company is built on the foundation of Proud and Passionate people to whom we are committed to pay fairly.

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GENDER PAY GAP REPORT 2018 Nottingham Trams Limited is the Operator and Maintainer of Nottingham Express Transit (NET) which provides light rail public transport across the region. We are committed to providing equal opportunities at work for all irrespective of race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age. From 2017. Out of the 149 countries in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2018, Pakistan only bettered Yemen to be ranked at 148 th place. Pakistan was placed among the bottom bracket.. Gender Pay Gap Report - March 2018 The WRU Group is committed to inclusion and diversity in everything we do. Whilst we are making strides both on and off the field to address diversity, and are proud of our record levels of investment and participation into women's and girl's rugby, we look at this as an area for continual improvement. THE WELSH RUGBY UNION LIMITED The gender pay gaps.

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Reporte Report Shop Durchsuchen Sie unsere Datenbank Digital- & Trendreporte Zum Zeitpunkt der Befragung im April 2018 haben rund 89 Prozent der weiblichen Studenten ausgesagt, dass Frauen gegenüber Männern bei der Bezahlung benachteiligt werden. Bei den männlichen Studenten waren derweil rund 64 Prozent ebenfalls dieser Meinung. Weiterlesen Zustimmung zu der Aussage Frauen werden beim. O&CC Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 The gender pay gap is an equality measure that shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed relative to men's earnings (Government Equalities Office). The gender pay gap is calculated in two ways: mean and median Gender Pay Gap Report Gender Pay Gap Results The table below shows our gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay at the snapshot date of 5 April 2018. It also shows the difference in bonuses paid in the 12 months prior to 5 April 2018. There are a number of factors contributing to these pay gaps: • There is a higher ratio of men to women at all levels of the company with the total.

即将离开知乎. 你访问的网站有安全风险,切勿在该网站输入知乎的帐号和密码。 如需访问,请手动复制链接访问 Der Gender Pay Gap ergibt sich gewöhnlich aus der durchschnittlichen Differenz zwischen den Bruttostundenlöhnen aller beschäftigen Männer und denen aller beschäftigten Englischer Terminus, der aber international verwendet wird, für das geschlechtsspezifische Lohngefälle, oder Lohnlücke, d. h. den Unterschied in der durchschnittlichen Bezahlung von Männern und Frauen Gender Pay Gap Report March 2018 Deutsche Bank. Background Hourly pay and bonus data Under UK legislation that came into force in April 2017, all companies with 250 or more employees in the UK are required to report their gender pay gap annually. The gender pay gap shows the difference in average earnings between women and men across an organisation. It does not show any differences in pay for.

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