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Read Who Is Your Daddy from the story Dating Doors (kpop ver.) by Kim_Tae169 with 36 reads. nct, blackpink, redvelvet. 1 This is purely based off how I think EXO are in the bedroom. Also, disclaimer: not all of EXO has the daddy kink. I just like to call them all daddy. Please don't kill me if you don't get your bias. It's 5 AM and I got a bit lazy with the descriptions. I'm sorry. -universitykpop from tumblr. -- EDIT: (4/22/21) I made this quiz years ago and halfway through making it I found out there wasn't multiple answer selection and went to a different quiz making website. I didn't know this was. Your Soulmate is N from VIXX <3. He will be ur Voodoodoll and you can play with him ~. Sungjae. Sungjae. Your Soulmate is Sungjae from BtoB <3. He is born to let ur heart beat ~. Doojoon. Doojoon. Your Soulmate is Doojoon from B2ST <3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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  1. With the #SongSongCoupleWedding still fresh in our heads and plenty of great husband material out there in the K-pop world, let's jump on the marriage bandwagon and find out who your ideal K-pop.
  2. 8. 15. Which personality would you want your best friend to have? Playful with a resting bitch face. hardcore badass. shy but is usually the first one to come up with the best snarky insults. shy yet bright. funny and energetic. Motherly and responsible
  3. Dec 3, 2020 - Probs gonna be a lot of options to be fair
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  6. V combed your hair gently before gathering strands of your hair and started 'working' on you. During the entire time, he was very quiet and concentrated in braiding your hair. When you tried to say something, he would hush you straight away telling you that he's doing something serious. Start Again

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Home » Kpop Quizzes » Quiz: Who's your MONSTA X boyfriend? Quiz: Who's your MONSTA X boyfriend? 339 Comments. Share This! Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; ReddIt; Email; WhatsApp; Who's your MONSTA X boyfriend? Let's take this short quiz and find out who's your MONSTA X prince. -----Share the quiz to show your results ! Facebook. Facebook. Just tell us who you are to view your. Whos your Pentagon soulmate? (Kpop) Infyric. 1. 19. Which name sounds the best? Hwi Taek. Jo Jinho. Yang Hongseok. Kim Hyojong. Go Shinwon. Yeo Changgu. Yanan. Adachi Yuto. Kang Hyunggu. Jung Wooseok « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 69. Who's Your Daddy is going to be a real game. Most video games are created off of a crazy idea or off a spur of the moment decision, but one thing for sure is there are so many ideas to go around

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  1. hashtag relatable w0wsongs used:Lullaby - GOT7Despacito - Luis FonsiTouch My Body - SISTARFalling In Love - 2NE1Tasty Love - KARAWonderful Love - MOMOLANDPla..
  2. My parents don't get what's so cool about kpop so yours probably don't either.Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TaestyKookieYTTwitter: https://twitter.com..
  3. Who's your Stray Kids boyfriend? Let's take this short quiz and find out who's your Stray Kids prince. Who's your Stray Kids boyfriend? Is he your bias? Feel free to comment below
  4. Who's your GOT7 boyfriend? Let's take this short quiz and find out who's your GOT7 prince. Who's your GOT7 boyfriend? Is it your bias? Feel free to comment below!

Kpop and Kdrama idols as your daddy Goblin OST: Beautiful Life by Crush. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. KPop/KDrama Club. May 21, 2020 · Kpop and Kdrama idols as your daddy . Goblin OST: Beautiful Life by Crush. Related Videos. 2:53. Song Joong Ki's kiss. KPop/KDrama Club. Who's your daddy in kpop? Discussion in 'K-POP' started by thighssavelives, Sep 4, 2020 at 4:36 PM. thighssavelives Super Rookie. Joined: Aug 18, 2020 Messages: 1,714 Likes Received: 3,254. Chanyeol: good now that you who your Daddy is, get over here and treat your daddy right Chen: anyone else get called daddy last night? no? just me? *bragging* Kyungsoo:gurl don't start nothing you cant handle Kai: you're obviously not wanting to walk tomorrow Tao: well then why don't you come over an provide that I'm your Daddy Sehun: you can only call. The quiz below will match you to your K-pop personality twin and show you the idol within. Which idol do you resemble most? Share it with us in the comments! Raine0211 is a lover of all things.

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  1. Have you ever wondered who in NCT would be your perfect boyfriend? Well, take this quiz to find out which guy is your best match! Well, take this quiz to find out which guy is your best match! Kpop_emotions091 published on January 10 69 responses
  2. Your Dream Guys Stereotype... Wealthy Sugar Daddy. Handsome Prince. Bad Boy. Romantic Romeo. Mysterious Man. Classroom Clown. Play this EXO boyfriend quiz to find out which member will you end up with? EXO is one of the most popular kpop boy groups. The band consists of 9 members. They debuted on April 8, 2012 under SM Entertainment. This quiz game is for all EXO-Ls and kpop lovers, play this.
  3. Hello Fam! Let's play a game! This game will tell the story of the funny and or dramatic baseline to the relationship with your BTS Baby Daddy! Who is your Baby Daddy? Pick a door to lead you to your Baby Daddy. Comment below. Door 1 Door 2 Door 3 Door 4 Door 5 Door 6 Door 7 Revea
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  6. , Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun. Former.
  7. You can use this to describe your favorite Kpop performers. The word 칼군무 (kalgunmu) is written in Hangul, the Korean Alphabet. If you don't know how to read it yet, you can learn using this guide in about 1 hour. What is the Hallyu Wave and how does it relate to Kpop? Also called the Korean Wave, Hallyu Wave means the increased popularity of South Korean culture globally, specifically.

Rap Monster is your BTS soulmate! He is super easygoing and laid-back. You will love spending time with him since he is very easy to talk to and provides smart, funny and interesting conversation. His sense of responsibility and work ethics will also make him a partner who will commit to the relationship for the long run Our Kpop Quiz on Google Play: Kpop Quiz 2020. Know more about BTS: BTS Members Profile. There are 12 questions in this BTS soulmate quiz and we are giving you unlimited time to answer each question, choose carefully. So Play this BTS Quiz 2020, share it with your friends and share with us your result in the comments. Stay tuned for more Kpop. Daddy - Psy. Expensive Girl - BTS (RM) Trouble - BTS (RM) I Wanna Be A Celeb - Celeb Five. Who's Your Mama - JYP. 286. 238 comments . share. save. hide. report. 254. Posted by 1 day ago. Discussion. parasocial relationships and maladaptive daydreaming (Seen a similar topic on this and wanted to talk about it myself, also sorry if I have typos here) So ive been stanning K-pop for about 4.

Are you the number one fan of BTS boys? Do you have a serious crush on any of them? Below is a BTS quiz that will help you to find about your BTS soulmate. You never know maybe your favorite boy is your BTS soulmate I guess you're not a carot anymore but an exo-l lol jk XD Im just teasing u lol I knew it I'll ditch him for Mingyu anyway :siptear

Oct 24, 2018 - Take this quiz and find ou Meet your favorite KPOP artist and watch how they performed at KPOP Music concert MAMA 2015.Who won the best KPOP artist on the largest KPOP world festival &.. BTS' RM is called Daddy Long Legs and a certain fairy tale baby is called Uturi. Read on to know who. According to a fan page of BTS, the leader of the group RM aka Namjoon is called Daddy Long Legs which comes from the novel with the same title. In the book, a man gave an orphan girl tuition and allowance in exchange for her writing one-way letters to him supposedly to improve her. Who Is Your BTS Ultimate BF? BTS is not just a K-POP band but a dream of millions of girls around the world. You probably already have chosen a bias and a bias-wrecker (maybe even a bias-wrecker-wrecker), but are you destined for each other? Find out by taking this quiz! Questions and Answers . 1. If you had to describe yourself using only a few words, you'd say you are: A. One of a kind.

Amla Benefits For Your Immunity. COVID Surge: Stop Posting Maldives Pics! Immunity Watch: Seeds to Eat. #opinion. COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnant Women and Lactating Moms #personalstories. Dear Mom, This Is How You Can Encourage Me For My Career. #videos. Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing To Daddy Yankee's Song Problema Goes Viral. Jessica Vanlalfaki 'Sexual Dolls': How The K-Pop Industry. Feb 19, 2021 - they are questions to play whos most likely with. your kpop friends hope u like them ♥️ . Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up.. Who's most likely with kpop friends!! they are questions to play whos most likely with. your kpop friends hope u like them ♥️. Saved by HeyQTpie. 3. Bored Jar Sleepover Things To Do New Years Party Family Party Games Card Games.

Save your voice, (Y/N). You're going to need it, he warned, his eyes growing darker. (Y/N)'s eyes widened and her face grew red. Jungkook only grinned more. He was awfully glad that his lover had decided to wear a skirt. He knew she hadn't seen this coming, and he thanked his luck for the easy access he had to give her a proper punishment. He hiked up the tight fabric past her hips. @kurooroki 155,000 40 Hot! bts daddy kpop. who is bts to you? relationships in bts . @ubyiyeon 121,144 37 Hot! BTS Got7 Kpop. Your future BTS boyfriend. Which member will fall for you? @Angel_Divinityx 86,983 29 Hot! BTS. married with bts. With bts oppa . @siti_bakyaah98 66,537 17 Hot! Bts Children Married. Who has crush on you (BTS) Who the most liked you . @peachyjiminn_ 10,442 4 Hot! BTS. Who Is Your BTS Boyfriend? Find out who is the perfect match for you in the famous kpop group Bangtan Boys/Bts. Have Fun and Hope you like who you get.Sorry if you don't get your bias but honestly they all are really hot right? Your KPOP Career -Click and Drag- Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Your KPOP Career -Click and Drag- By jaecutie, March 19, 2015 in Random. click and drag; kpop; yay; Recommended Posts. jaecutie 3,327 jaecutie 3,327 Daddy Minseok's Baby; Member; 3,327 2,788 posts; Location: chanyeol's hair; Awards. Awards. Awards. Posted March 19, 2015. inb4 alr posted but. We do not own the music(*) Music: PSY - GENTLEMANPSY - DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1)PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일)Camera & edit: Nguyễn Anh TàiDancers: • PSY: https:..

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Sep 3, 2020 - @kpop.collectors posted on their Instagram profile: @kpop.collectors Who is your bias and bias wrecker? Comment it down below Who do you think is a lesbian in kpop? Who do you think is a lesbian in kpop? By Pyo Hyemi, May 3, 2013 in (hey girl) but switched if i was your boyfriend to if i was your girlfriend to refer to herself, she's done this before in a vlive with nayeon, who changed it to hey boy/if i was your girlfriend, so i wanted to share the continuation hahah i explained it a few posts down but. He will sweep you right off your feet. Taehyung. Taehyung. You got Kim V Taehyung! Some might say the love child of Daehyun from B.A.P. and Baekhyn from EXO. He is tenderhearted and a unique person. He might be a bit weird and a slightly unusual guy, but that's exactly what you love about him. He is a huge animal lover and always wants to make other people happy. He has a mysterious side to. Descubre en TikTok los videos cortos relacionados con kpop photo edits. Ve contenido popular de los siguientes autores: 연지(@adamsandlerhateclub), ash(@belovedjeno), Minatozaki sana is my wife(@jyp_is_daddy), cutie junhee<3(@parkjunheehee), ︎︎♪ ☃︎♡︎ ☁︎︎シ☽(@kpopanime_412). Explora los videos más recientes de los siguientes hashtags: #photoedit, #editphoto. Yes, you read that correctly. Harry Soo is the founder and head chef of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ, one of the top BBQ teams in America. First off, if you're going to call your team Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ, you'd better be able to back it up with some incredible food. Mr. Soo, who on the weekdays works as an IT guy and is a sing

Read BTS: Daddy from the story Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by -dongcheng (inactive) with 1,864 reads. imagines, ikon, bts. Aries: Rap Monster Taurus: J-Hop He loves that you give him such encouraging words & your so funny he laughs to the point where u can't see his eyes. Sometimes he would even sing to you on video call & dance like your right beside him. He misses u all the time so he texts nonstop. He's also the type to text you if you've watched BTS performance & would get play angry when you haven't yet. Love/hate Friendship, but thats what. Take this quiz and find out which member can be your hero. Did you get your bias? Let us know in the comments! Check out the MV for All In here! vb2608 is a barista. MONSTA X have just. BEAST's JunHyung - Born again still your son, Carpe Diem, Quam minimum credula postero & If I die tomorrow I would never regret Our main rapper of BEAST also shows a heart of gold for his parents. The tattoo on his chest reads Born again still your son, which is a tribute to his parents. JunHyung has always been the ideal image of filial piety. In order to give thanks to his parents he.

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Read Seventeen: Brother (Performance Unit) from the story Kpop Zodiacs and Imagines by -dongcheng (inactive) with 1,413 reads. kpop, imagines, exo. Aries: The8.. Who is your EXO boyfriend? 3 Comments. Many people wonder how their mind matches with the boy they likes! You who played must like EXO right?! You could find out who would you be matched with ! Try and check it out! This game is made fairly and not using cheating ways please give credits for those who copied questions and such. Go Ma Wo! Please enjoy and like the game! Expect a lot! Created by.

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05.04.2021 - Erkunde Felix do be da bests Pinnwand FUCK THIS KPOP MEMES auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu bts lustig, schulwitze, bts meme gesichter This is about you fantasizing about your favorite ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu Like it could be about how you two met, your first date, you learn how to ice skate for the first time, and etc. hope you enjoy this scenario boo KPOP Update. 185 likes. Just For Fu Daddy 2 , Journal for Writing, Journal for Birthday PAGES 6 x jOURNAL - 110. Auf welche Faktoren Sie als Kunde bei der Wahl Ihres Kpop christmas pictures achten sollten. Wir als Seitenbetreiber begrüßen Sie als Kunde zum großen Vergleich. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben es uns zur Kernaufgabe gemacht, Verbraucherprodukte aller Variante zu checken, sodass Interessierte unmittelbar den Kpop. what is your sign?? who is your bff? boyfriend? brother? want an imagine?? ayy you can pm or comment a request..go ahead, i dont bite!!! anyways enjoy X

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I got it from my Daddy 64. I got it from my Daddy 65. I got it got it 66. Hey Where did you get that body from 67. I got it from my dad dad dad dad dad 68. Dad dad dad dad dad 69. Dad dad dad dad dad Daddy 70. I got it from my dad dad dad dad dad 71. Dad dad dad dad dad 72. Dad dad dad dad dad Daddy 73. Listen 74. Ma papa was a superman hey 75 4. aussie-korean, lives in sk, sings in english mostly, really good at directing and visual stuff, tattoos and motorbikes, struggles with issues, deserves the world, doesn´t know what daddy really means :D 5. crazy, thai, crazy, really good-looking, does the skrrrt thing a bit too much, can fart on a request : Kpop Blog. Admins: TT, Jetplane, M, Gyu and Nono. Requests are closed a little longer until we catch up on some reqs. We will be doing got7, nct, exo, bts, seventeen, viction, wanna one and some others (just ask if we could write for a specific group or idol) We aren't doing underage idols for smut Your Kpop Writing Hotspot Hi! Admin Max here! ♡ Guidelines ♡ Who I Write For ♡ Requests: Closed ♡ Asks: Open ♡ MTL: Open ♡ Welcome to Hell ♡ Kinktober Day 13: Daddy Kink with Seungcheol. Originally posted by scoupstv. Words: 227. Warnings: daddy kink (duh) A/N: im gonna date this post rn but I had to write this cause Cheol wa just live while in a karaoke room and I got real in my. Your Kpop Writing Hotspot Hi! Admin Max here! ♡ Guidelines ♡ Who I Write For ♡ Requests: Open ♡ Asks: Open ♡ MTL: Open ☆ lowkey daddy kink but likewithout the name daddy ☆ lmao I'm an idiot that's literally just being a dom ☆ THIGH RIDING ☆ he's one of the four people in what I call the Thigh Riding Gang (TRG) ☆ Cheol's in it too ☆ occasional bondage is a.

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Your Kpop Writing Hotspot Hi! Admin Max here! ♡ Guidelines ♡ Who I Write For ♡ Requests: Closed ♡ Asks: Open ♡ MTL: Open You got me all excited earlier, you whined into his ear, And now I can't stop thinking about you, Daddy. You knew if you pulled out his favorite title, that'd be the real cherry on top. And it seemed to work. Jaebeom let out a small groan. Your Kpop Writing Hotspot Hi! Admin Max here! ♡ Guidelines ♡ Who I Write For ♡ Requests: Open ♡ Asks: Open ♡ MTL: Open ♡ Welcome to Hell ♡ Mafia!EXO Reaction: Their S/O Dying. Anon asked: Can you make exo Mafia au reaction to their so dying?? Thanks. After my last Mafia!EXO Reaction, I've been pretty into Mafia!EXO they all just get so much more badass and daddy. None of the. Your Kpop Writing Hotspot Hi! Admin Max here! ♡ Guidelines ♡ Who I Write For ♡ Requests: Open ♡ Asks: Open ♡ MTL: Open NCT U + Johnny Reaction: Being self-conscious of your acne; NCT Dream Reaction: Sharing a Desk with his crush; NCT U Reaction: You being Famous; NCT Dream Reaction: Being a Singer ; NCT 127 Reaction: Their crush being one of the guys NCT 127 Reaction.

Most of this actors have worldwide popularity. Choose your favourite Korean Actors vote for him! Top 25 Most Famous Korean Actors 2021. Voting Contest . The Most Handsome Korean Actors 2021. Voting Contest. If your favourite Handsome Korean Actors is not taking place on our list. Feel free to comment below! Jang Hyuk: Born Name: Jeong Yong-jun. Date Of Birth: December 20, 1976. Birthplace. Your eyes shoot wide open. ji-hoon has never spoken to you in this way and your body feels hot and cold all over. you can tell from the longing in his eyes that this is what he has wanted for a long time, You quickly undress and rush to connect your lips to ji-hoon's, but he stops you just short of his lips

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Kpop is typing... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. * He'd pick you up in his black car stepping out to knock on you door looking like a FINE SUGAR DADDY * he'd walk you to your side of the car opening the door for you OOF A REAL GENTLEMAN * his outfit ⬇️ * Your outfit ⬇️ ( again this does not apply to body type or skin color just the dress. What's your age? Under 18; 18+ 20's; 30's. Submit Answers. Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. Related Quizzes: Who is Your BTS bias? by Emma Who is your one direction boyfriend? by makayla jennings Which BTS member is your bias? by JhopeIsMyHearteu Will i date you ? by Gundars Who's your boyfriend in Harry Potter by. See a recent post on Tumblr from @jellyside-diary about kpop games. Discover more posts about kpop games. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. jellyside-diary. Follow. thanks for the tag @avocadosforsale and @ni-kigai lovies for the tag. this or that : K-POP fashion edition by @soyatenada . game rules: highlight the one which you like, you can do both as well !! short necklaces or long necklaces. Apr 4, 2018 - Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is In Stray Kids With A Cute Short Story At The End!

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CALLING ALL K-POP FANS!If you're a fan of the South Korean boy band named EXO, formed in 2011 by SM Entertainment, then we've got the perfect EXO quiz for you!. If you're an avid follower of the Korean Pop group sensation, then you've definitely got a favorite member and also probably a member who you feel would be a perfect match for you! Any true EXO fan knows that each of the boys has a. i don't believe in kpop maxxing in america, we have a hyper masculinization problem ,yes, toxic masculinity is a thing, but not from spreading your legs in a subway seat, but shooting people over social media and generally being violent monkeys. rap and thug culture has not stopped being celebrated ever since it hit mainstream in the 2000s. and in america, the asian is the lowest SMV for these. Oct 8, 2020 - Requestan bucinnya X1 when jadi Daddy rasa lokal.. Article from wattpad.com. X1 AS YOUR DADDY. October 2019. Requestan bucinnya X1 when jadi Daddy rasa lokal. Article by Wattpad. Jul 10, 2018 - Now are you ready to know who's your ultimate bias in BTS..so if you want to know then gogo and take the quiz hope you get your bia

I stan a lot of kpop groups, sooo. My favorite Kpop boy groups 1. BTS I first found out about BTS in 2016 from their song, 'I NEED U'. They were the kpop group that got me into the world of kpop. I admire and stan every single member of BTS, they. So, if you are new to ARMY, we'll help to set up your preferences and tell about your bias in detail. If you know the boys better than any other fan, take a closer look at your music preferences and some other members. You may also like: The Best Kpop Songs quiz

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You started your argument with BTS' fans are not just screaming teenage girls - but that's exactly what you sound like in your rant. Kpop is still niche and that's not a bad. nome : felipe telles. idade : 17. namoranu ? : solteiro. kpopper hÁ 5 anos. grupo utt : girls generation (snsd) utt bias : hyoyeon (girls generation

kpop shit — EXO Reaction to-1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds Them first meet your parents and you calling your dad 'Daddy' however they accidentally respond. YIXING: The little fluff ball wouldn't know what to do. He'd probably try to pass it off as if he was needing the salt too. He would be burning with embarrassment. Y/N 'Hey daddy. Whether it's Bey, bad gal Rih Rih, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Lorde or Taylor Swift's cat, we're gonna make sure you're paired with your mother from another mother Who is your celebrity crush? 17 Comments. Ever wondered who was your celebrity crush? Find out! We have plenty of options for boys and girls. And trust me, all the options are really cute! Do you have a celebrity crush? It could be that hot actor from a oscar winning film! Or that singer who album just went platinum! You never know but take this quiz and find out! Created by: Kalah Blanchard.

It's me again! The one who made the Retro Kpop, R&B Kpop, Jazz Kpop, Arcade Kpop, and Dreamy Kpop. It's been a pleasure to make these playlists with you all. This time I want to share my Summer Kpop Spotify Playlist where I put the most recommended Kpop songs in this sub that sound like the summer season. From tropical beats to fun tunes that. daddy min yoongi x little male reader. word count: 2,312. yoongi texts you some exciting instructions. you want to be a good boy for your daddy, so all you can do is obey. requested by anon. Keep readin

Stream PSY - DADDY (Ferry Remix) by Ferry Kpop Revolution from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. PSY - DADDY (Ferry Remix) by Ferry Kpop Revolution published on 2015-12-07T03:39:57Z. Lemme know what do you think of my latest kpop remix!? Thanks for Soundcloud 10K Followers and 1.000.000 plays Keep supporting and stay tuned for more FREE DOWNLOAD / FREE DOWNLOAD / FREE DOWNLOAD. Some of Exo and NCT's inside jokes * Let's start with Kai's Inside pants ~~~~~ * BOOMING SYSTEM UP UP, TY Track Ty Track . Taeyong featured in Red Velvet's BE NATURAL cover song and his legendary line turned into group and fandom meme: ~~~~~ *.

(daddy long legs) namjoon leg appreciation post - KPOPPin on bang chan&#39;s abs0Who rocks green hair? (Kpop male edition) (Updated!)

Sep 3, 2017 - Find out who your BTS bias is See a recent post on Tumblr from @wonheons about noir-kpop. Discover more posts about noir-kpop. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. wonheons. Follow. 181207 Airplane Mode. #noir #느와르 #underratedidolsedit #nugudolsedit #noir kpop #mine #i do love queue. 124 notes. elixir1717. Follow. ATEEZ has reminded me how much I love soft and/or dorky K-pop groups who go hard musically. I have a small list. Oct 2, 2019 - Aku bakal buktiin kalo aku layak dampingi kamu. - Cho Seungyoun Start : 19/07/2019 End : Who's Your Mama (Kpop Star 5) - V.A | Nghe nhạc hay online mới nhất chất lượng ca Your boyfriend cheating on/breaking up with you. You calling your dad 'daddy' but they respond. You being thick/curvy. You not being able to walk after your first time. You having curly/poofy hair that gets in their face/mouth. You confessing to them while drunk + the morning after. You having a panic/anxiety attac BLACKPINK's Jisoo Was Asked Who She Wants To Give Flowers To, And Her Answer Proves She's A Daddy's Girl - KpopHit. February 1, 2021. BLACKPINK's Jisoo was as beautiful as flowers in her W Korea interview! Besides her photoshoot, she also sat down for an interview while making flower balloons. One of the questions she was asked was, If you are giving flowers as a gift, who would.

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